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Budgeting and Forecasting

It's hard to believe but almost 90% of small businesses survive without a budget or adequate forecasting. Managing your business towards profitability is so much easier when you have guidelines and accountability.

Our team can not only help you establish budgets and forecasts, we can also provide the reporting and mentoring to help you stick to them. We start by looking at what has happened in the past and extrapolate those numbers with your help to give you insights into the future. We can even help you test “what/if” scenarios to see what impacts proposed changes might have on your business growth and profitability.

So how does Bookkeeping Central help with Budgets and Forecasts?

Goal Setting

We work with you to picture where you would like to take your business and use this as a base point.

Prior Year Experience

If you have been in running for a few years we look at where you are at and where you have been.

Sales and Expenses

By examining what you have done and where you are headed, we can work out what your future might look like.

Setting Up

All the data gets set up in Xero for easy reporting.


Each month you will get a report outline how you are going against your budget. You will be able to see what is going well and what is not.


Building with you a simple and achievable strategy to grow your business - a pathway to growth and success.

Keeping you Honest

Monthly or Quarterly “board” meetings to make sure you are on track and doing what you say you will.

So if you want to grow your business and make it fly, talk to us.


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