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If you seriously love your business, then you are going to love the amazing cloud-based Xero apps that are now available to help you run a better and more effective operation. Tools that would have once cost thousands and only for corporates, are now available to all at a very reasonable rate.

Xero Add Ons - Cloud-based Tools for Small Businesses

Efficiency is required nowadays because of the technological landscape evolving daily. Understanding your business’s needs and catching up with new technologies go hand in hand to meet challenges these times bring. Back then, every small business had to deal with missing inventory or stock, inaccurate payroll, and even faulty point of sales systems.

Bookkeeping Central believes that cloud-based tools for small businesses are the future. Xero add-ons deliver great advantages to your small to medium business’s bookkeeping demands. Efficient, user-friendly Xero accounting software tools for small businesses, from project management and automation, to inventory and payroll management. These tools can service businesses and integrate seamlessly with Xero without all the fuss and hassle that you usually deal with most software these days.

If you are looking to increase your business's success, then these cloud-based Xero apps are the right accountant tools for you. These applications are readily available to help you, connect Xero and run a better and more effective business operation. Applications that once cost thousands and only for corporate use, are finally available to everyone at very reasonable rates.

Xero applications provide solutions that bring you urgency, security, and peace of mind to every business owner managing all aspects of their business. These can complement your daily operations greatly, saving time, reducing complicated manual processes, and opening new opportunities for every small business owner to do more.

Automation Tools

Get work done faster with amazing tools to make running your business more efficiently. Dext (formerly Receipt Bank) and Hubdoc are top of the line tools that have easy intergration with Xero. These apps can help business owners manage and record receipts easily and view bills and expenses. View invoices sent from Xero wherever.

Point of Sale

Every proper retail business is reliant to a very good POS. If selling products is the heart of your business, then a good POS system should be the backbone. Great Xero add-ons like Vend can help you track sales accurately and in real time. Get paid faster with these Xero Point of Sale add-ons.

Project Management

Project Management tools used to be cumbersome and expensive. Now you can manage leads, invoicing, and jobs time with tools such as Xero Projects, WorkflowMAX, Xero Practice Manager, among others. Xero Integration is the way forward in Project Management.

Inventory Management

Keeping up with inventory demands manually is a challenging task. Streamline your inventory demands accurately in just a few clicks. A cloud-based inventory management enables you to stay on top of your stocks and sales to ensure that you operate at peak efficiency and profitability.

Payroll Systems

Paying the right amount and on time is necessary. Manage your payroll anywhere and anytime with real time data. We can help you choose and set up the right system that will suit your payroll needs. Smart Payroll and KeyPay are add-ons that can massively ease payroll processing in daily operations.


Business owners must always see how their business is operating. Get more control of your business by having a full overview of it. A reliable reporting tool can help you make a data driven decision that will impact your growth. Xero apps and add-ons such as Spotlight Reporting, Figured, and Fathom, among others, help with performance reports, tracking production, financial reports, and budget tracking.

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