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We understand the importance of being up to date with your business activity statement (BAS). Bookkeeping Central offers comprehensive BAS services to small and medium businesses, ensuring your business is fully compliant, and meets strict ATO requirements.

Grow Your Small Business While Fulfilling Obligations With Our BAS Services

Working on your business activity statement (BAS) on your own can be tedious and challenging. Making sure the numbers are accurate can be stressful and mundane. Apart from being required to lodge your BAS, you need to calculate PAYG withholding, PAYG Instalments, FBT, and tax invoices on your BAS form. You also have to double check everything, such as your employees' tax file number, check if your company is registered for GST, providing PAYG payment summaries to your employees, etc.

There are numerous measures needed to ensure that you input accurate information in order to achieve completing and lodging your BAS. You also have to ensure that you get the help you need from a registered BAS services company. We understand the importance of being up to date with your business activity statement. This is where Bookkeeping Central's tax agents come in.

We want to help small and medium businesses across Melbourne and Sydney deal with their income tax or business tax. We accomplish that through excellent and accurate preparation of their BAS. We are registered BAS Agents in Melbourne and Sydney, ready to guide you and process the compliance requirements of your business.

Bookkeeping Central is a Tax Practitioners Board-registered BAS service provider in Melbourne with years of experience in dealing with small businesses' tax requirements. We manage every aspect of BAS reporting on behalf of a client, guaranteeing absolute compliance with all BAS provisions. This results to your business meeting liabilities, obligations, or entitlements, avoiding paying excess, unnecessary penalty fees, and give you more time to focus on your day to day operations. Ultimately, we want to provide customer satisfaction, letting clients focus on aspects of their business that make them happy and profitable.

We Manage All Of The Following


The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been ever vigilant and rising audits are more frequent towards Australian business owners. Correctly lodging your BAS at the right due dates is a sure way to keep under the radar. Ensure you get the right help from a BAS Agent in Melbourne and Sydney.


We are always making sure your provider is updated regularly with changes in relation to Workcover. It is essential to ensuring your premiums are correctly calculated and you are working with the set guidelines.


Getting and managing IAS correctly is not the world's biggest task. However, this task can slip through unnoticed. This can cause you excessive, unnecessary fines and penalties. We will make sure your IAS is sorted and accurate every time.


Superannuation compliance is becoming more complex and being lodged more vigilantly. All Bookkeeping Central clients are SuperStream compliant and we can assist in managing your obligations.

ATO Payment Arrangements

Cash flow can be a challenging process to handle presently. With the ATO aggressively chasing payments, it's important to have an expert on your side. We arrange payment plans and help clients stick to them.

Payroll Tax

It seems more and more small businesses are moving into the payroll tax threshold. Our experience managing this complex area of tax ensures you are free of penalties and are always up to date.

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