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Bookkeeping for Electricians

We Manage Your Books and Integrate Technology

Any business, no matter how big or small, must keep record of every business transaction. But let us face it, you know how to operate the ins-and-outs of electrical equipment better than anyone else and in the same way, bookkeepers know bookkeeping tools better than anyone else. Although it is totally possible for you to do them yourself or let other family members do it, outsourcing your bookkeeping function to those who are professionally trained to do it will save you a lot of time, energy and financial resource.

Bookkeeping Central is the perfect choice for you. Being a Xero Gold Partner, our Xero certified bookkeepers and accountants will take care of your day-to-day bookkeeping and teach you bits and pieces you need to know in order to track your finances.


We are focused on delivering our clients fast, efficient and cost effective outcomes through comprehensive bookkeeping services including reconciliations, bills processing, payroll services and reporting.

Debtor Management

Use our Invoicing and Debtor Management services to improve your cash flow. Stop asking your clients for money and let us take care of that. We are happy to be the bad guys while you service your client and watch the over 90 day payment disappear.

Xero Training

Bookkeeping Central is a Xero Gold partner and as a client, your software will be set up free of charge and we will provide you with the working knowledge to you and your staff can make the most out of the system.

We Come to You

Dealing with Bookkeeping Central is never a hassle. Whether it be an introductory chat or regular catch up - we come to you, saving you the trouble of visiting your bookkeeper each month. Your time is far too valuable.

Payroll Services

Our Xero Certified bookkeepers process your payroll and send your pay slips. Timesheets can be managed through our system while ensuring all entitlements are correctly calculated.


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