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We love small and medium businesses at Bookkeeping Central. We know you are the heart and soul of the community. Mums and Dads trying to make a living for their families. Entrepreneurs looking to give their idea the spark to let it grow.

We are exactly the same. Bookkeeping Central is a family-based business providing expert bookkeeping services in Melbourne and Sydney with the bold spirit of entrepreneurism that we know makes this country great.

John and Darrell Cruse built Bookkeeping Central to help small businesses access quality and affordable accounting and bookkeeping services so they could run their business more effectively and efficiently.

Key Personnel

John CruseEntrepreneur, Leader and Passionate about Business
With almost 15 years running small businesses, John undoubtedly understands the challenges businesses face. John has worked in engineering and manufacturing in operational roles before moving into recruitment. It was through that recruitment experience that he got his first chance to start a business. With lots of lessons learnt, good times and bad, John eventually sold his share in Equinox Partners and started Bookkeeping Central. John sees Bookkeeping Central as a platform to transform small businesses for the modern economy. “Business is changing dramatically with technology and outsourcing allowing small businesses to do extraordinary things.”
Darrell Cruse CAPassionate about Compliance and Quality
Committed to delivering high quality outcomes for clients Darrell’s background as a Chartered Accountant, his understanding of Tax and Compliance underpins the quality that Bookkeeping Central delivers.
Joanna Manaois CPA Xero Certified Adviser, Trainer and Passionate to Help Businesses Grow
Joanna is a Certified Public Accountant and has been with the business since 2012. She has seen the business grow and improve in what it delivers. Joanna has always been keen in ensuring all clients are well taken care of and receive only the best quality of service. Her passion for business is pivotal in building Bookkeeping Central’s reporting tools, systems and processes. This gives our clients the confidence that their books are well-managed and that they meet compliance as required giving them more time to focus on the core of their business.


Helping Small Businesses Grow



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